Jura Impressa – What A Range

While one of the other articles on this website extols the Jura Impressa J9 One Touch TFT it fails to mention that there is a whole range of Jura Impressa machines. Each built to the high standards of Swiss engineering that you would expect.

So what are these other Jura machines that are not included?

First we need to appreciate that Jura refer to each of their ranges as a ‘Line’ which for most is defined by an alphabetic prefix. And each line has a family name, which these days is predominantly Impressa.

The Jura Family Tree
So the family tree for domestic use Jura coffee machines looks like this:

  • Giga Line – Giga 5
  • Impressa Z Line
  • Impressa Z5

    • Impressa Z5
    • Impressa Z7 One Touch Aluminium
    • Impressa Z7 One Touch Chrome


  • Impressa J Line
  • Impressa J Line

    • Impressa J9 One Touch
    • Impressa J9 One Touch TFT
    • Impressa J9 One Touch TFT Chrome
    • Impressa J7
    • Impressa J5


  • ENA Line
  • ENA 9

    • ENA 9 One Touch
    • ENA 7
    • ENA 5
    • ENA 3
  • ENA Micro Line
  • Signature Hand Crafted

Picture Clearer Now?
By now you will be starting to get the picture. And perhaps have a better understanding of the Jura range. Because I must admit that when I first investigated these rather impressive machines I got a little confused about them all.

To add to the inital confusion I also kept coming across other Jura machines that were of the same high quality and standard but did not seem to appear in the domestic range. And then the lights came on – they were commercial or as Jura calls them ‘Professional Products’

Another issue – while Jura coffee makers are sold around the globe these days not every model is available in every country. So make sure the one you select is available in your location – before you set your heart on it.

Commercial Family Coffee Makers
So for completeness and perhaps to reduce any confusion that you may be suffering the Jura commercial family consists of these machines.

  • Giga Line
    • Giga X9c Professional
    • Giga X9 Professioanl
    • Giga X7 Professioanl
  • Impressa X Line
    • Impressa X9 Win
    • Impressa X9 Platinum
    • Impressa XS95 One Touch
    • Impressa XS90 One Touch
    • Impressa XF70
    • Impressa XF50
  • Coffee To Go
    • Coffee Island
    • Large Catering Mobile
    • Coffee Shop
    • Express Mobile
    • Small Catering Mobile

Having better understood the Jura family you might also appreciate knowing that there is also a chronology or timeline for these different Jura machines. Here are some of the salient growth points.

Some Chronology Helps Too
The first machine in the Impressa range was introduced in 1994. Four years later in 1998 this was followed by the compact units of the Impressa E Line. And it only took another 3 years before the F Line was introduced in 2001. The F Line featured an internet connection. It was followed in quick succession in 2004 by the Z Line with its one touch button features.

By now the Jura range was well known in many parts of the world having reached the 1 million mark in sales during 2003. But Jura continued to power on with the award winning Impressa J Line in 2006 and the ENA in 2007. This growth pushed the number of Jura machines sold past the 2 million mark the next year (2008) as they became increasingly popular because of their design and capabilities.

Around this time a number of specific models numbers released in the existing ‘Lines’. So in 2009 the Impressa Z7, the ENA 7 and the J7 all made an appearance.

Finally in what might be considered an almost finishing flourish the Impressa J9 One Touch TFT with a color display was released in 2010. This unit has been described as the ‘Rolex’ of coffee makers by one enraptured on line reviewer. (Larry Olmstead – Forbes.com 11 December 2011)

Why Are They So Special?
So what is it that makes all these machines so special?

Well first of all there is the Swiss engineering which many of us have come to understand represents precision, durability and of course high quality.

And as if this is not enough this commitment to excellence is endorsed by someone no less than Roger Federer – the very gracious Swiss tennis champion

And then there are the 20 plus years of design and development that have been concentrated on the one type of product – automated coffee machines. This means that as each new design, function or component is developed it is incorporated somewhere across the Jura range.

Features such as

    • Variable brewing
    • High pressure pump
    • Integrated cleaning and rinsing
    • Energy saving
    • Cappuccino frother
    • Adjustable spout height
    • Conical grinder
    • Thermoblock heating system

are all available depending on which model you choose.