Krups XP1020

Espresso coffee machines in the professional range are often perceived as expensive. And in many cases this is true. However, if you really like your espresso coffee but want something that makes an economical cup of coffee then you would do well to look at the Krups XP1020.

While it does not have all the ‘bells and whistles’ of some of its more expensive relatives it still provides a good result in a compact design. At 11 inches high (280mm) it is small enough to fit into nearly any kitchen space without difficulty. And because it does not have all the more advanced features found in the expensive models it is simple to operate and maintain.

Features Include

  • Manufactured by Krups
  • Well priced at between $50 and $60
  • 750 Watt Power
  • Steam Pressure Driven Not a Pump Machine
  • Four Cup Carafe
  • Easily Maintained
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • Large Control Knob
  • Single and Double Shot Baskets
  • Burn Out Protection

Mixed Reviews

The Krups XP1020 is an entry level machine and many of the users are happy with their purchase. However there are others who take a somewhat different view of the machine. In fact some of the adverse comments on Amazon are worded quite strongly. The overall star rating from the 100 plus reviewers is 2 1/4 which is relatively low. More than half of the reviews are in the one and two star category – 58 to be exact as of April 2012. And this certainly pulls the rating down.

Most of the adverse opinions seem to be quite strong and polarized. Whereas those that like the machine tend to display a similar passion only in the opposite direction. There are 44 four and five star ratings plus a further 7 in a neutral 3 star position.

The Positive

Comments such as

Do not understand why this item has so many bad reviews. It is not a bad machine! – M Sun – Amazon Reviewer March 8 2010, who gave it five stars.

Or from another five star Amazon Reviewer John on February 12, 2012.

He had to find a replacement machine for his old Krups Expresso Bravo #871 whose performance he described as great and very consistent.
I am as happy with my new Krups as I was with the old one.

Both of these comments seem to sum up the opinion of those that found the machine quite usable.

The Negative

But then you get this type of comment from a dissatisfied one star customer such as Judith B Johnson November 11, 2011
Krups products have just gotten worse and worse. I will not buy another.

And the Bronx Guy has a similar opinion
This machine is just a piece of junk and I can’t pack it for return quickly enough – Amazon Nov 7, 2011.

Both of these reviewers gave it one star.

How do you deal with these conflicting Krups XP1020 reviews?

When presented with such widely diverging viewpoints I guess instinct is to leave it all alone.
But then you may well miss out on acquiring a really useful entry level coffee machine that is well priced.

Generally, there is a bias towards negative opinions in most optional review lists. Because those that are unhappy say so. Whereas those that are happy often just get on with it.

So while this is a subjective opinion it is likely that the reviewers are skewed toward the negative. Based on all 100 plus Amazon reviews you have at least an even chance of being satisfied with your purchase. Taking into account the potential negative skew your chances of being satisfied are likely to somewhat better than even.

Even so should it prove otherwise and you are dissatisfied with either the performance or quality of the product then exercise your rights as a consumer and return it.

In the end it is really a personal decision.

At under $60 dollars the risk is relatively low.

If you purchase your Krups XP1020 from Amazon then in the majority of instances they have a return policy which you can use. So there is little reason not to give it a try. You may well be pleased that you did!!