Read This Saeco Xelsis Review before Buying Any Automatic Espresso Machine

We just received the latest automatic espresso machine to look over, make our coffees, and leave a Saeco Xelsis review on our findings. Out of the box, it came with this quick start guide, and was easy to set up. I feel like this Saeco Xelsis review has to mention our initial reaction: we were astounded that it was only 16 inches tall! It easily fits underneath the kitchen wall cabinet to stay out of the way when we are not using it.

The coffee maker is manufactured with a stainless steel casing, a double boiler system, the patented Saeco Brewing System (SBS), a protective Coffee Bean Hopper, a Removable Water Tank and an Aroma System. Its user interaction features include an Animated Color Touch Interface, a Removable Milk Frothing Carafe (with automatic cleaning cycle) and a Digital ID Fingerprint Reader. It has an Alternate Steaming Hot Water Wand and an automatic turn on/turn off energy-saving function.

As part of the Saeco Xelsis review we will highlight the most amazing features of this coffee maker including:

Animated Color Touch Interface

The coffee maker allows up to six user profiles, which are displayed on the animated color touch interface. Each one of the profiles can program their own six individual customizable drinks, or select from pre-programmed beverages. The widescreen displays simple beverage selections along with an intuitive set-up.

Digital ID Fingerprint Reader

Setting up the finger print reader for each individualized profile is both simple and easy to do. Once the reader is programmed, the user merely places their finger on the reader, on top of the machine, and all of their customized drink choices are instantly loaded into the animated color touch interface and can be selected with just the touch of a button.

Milk Frothing Carafe

The coffee maker has an external container that automatically froths milk into the coffee cup. The swivel of the removable milk frothing carafe (with an automatic cleaning cycle) can be moved to dispense the steamed milk directly into the cup during the brewing cycle, or swivel it back, to automatically rinse itself of any clogged milk.

Automatic Brewing System

The Saeco Brewing System provides the ultimate brewing consistency, allowing the user to select the strength of the beverage by simply turning the dial. With its pre-ground coffee option, it is easy to brew a quick batch of specialty coffee without having to change out the beans in the hopper.

Double Boiler and Aroma System

The Saeco Xelsis has two separate stainless steel boilers that guarantee the available water is always at the perfect temperature for steaming, brewing or dispensing hot water for chocolate, teas, and other specialty drinks. The Saeco Aroma System automatically pre-wets the coffee grounds to ensure the ultimate coffee extraction while brewing. This is also known as “pre-infusion,” and is an option that can be turned on or off, and even shortened or lengthened, to suit individual tastes.

Saeco Xelsis Reviews:

“You can tweak all your settings a lot, so you can get your drinks exactly right. A wonderful machine.” – Richard B.,

“We gathered information and read the Saeco Xelsis reviews, purchased the machine and use it every day. Makes the perfect coffee. Highly recommended!” – Cynthia W.,

With all the amazing features of the Saeco Xelsis Digital ID Automatic Espresso Maker, this coffee maker is highly recommended to anyone interested in growing their own gourmet coffees in their home. We give this amazing unit a positive Saeco Xelsis review and suggest purchasing it directly from the company’s official website.

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